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Location: 193 Sevin Road, Sewickley

Parking: A small gravel area near the trailhead. There is also a gravel area across and 50 yards down the road. No toilets.

Length: 1.5 or 2.3 miles

Configuration: loop

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Scenery: Steeply sloped and heavily wooded, the property is home to a major tributary of Little Sewickley Creek, large stands of American beech trees

Description: From the parking area, walk left to the trailhead. There is a large rock with a commemorative plaque describing the history of this donated land. Follow the trail along the left side of the creek. The first half mile of this hike will have you criss-crossing this creek several times. At .1 miles, make your first creek crossing and continue along the right ride of the creek. At .2 miles, the trail crosses back over to the left side. The blue diamond-shaped trail markers affixed on trees assure you that you’re on the right path. At mile .3 cross the creek three more times. After the third crossing, you will remain on the right side of the creek. The trail begins to climb up the sloping hillside. At mile .7 the trail splits. Turn left. There is another split at mile .8. Turn right and make a short climb. The terrain levels at mile .9 as you re-enter the ALT (Allegheny Land Trust) property. You’ll notice a fallen Ash tree. Look closely to see the tunneling patterns of the Emerald Ash Borer, a beetle responsible for killing millions of Ash trees. Notice the D-shaped exit holes on the bark. At mile 1, make your way between two large branches of a fallen tree. Mile 1.1 takes you up and over a mountain bikers “bridge.” The trail splits at mile 1.2. You have two choices here. For a quicker return with a total hiking distance of 1.5 miles, go straight and downhill. For the longer return and a total length of 2.3 miles, take the dogleg right. The former will take you on a gradual descent down the hillside and back to the trailhead. The hillsides in this area are carpeted with Spring Beauty wildflowers in late April. The latter will take you along the ridge for half a mile. At mile 1.6, turn left. At this point you will be back on the initial trail and descending the hillside. Criss-crossing the creek once more, you will find yourself back on the right side of the creek and returning to the trailhead. 

Comments: This trail is a nice local option and especially worth visiting in the Spring for the variety of Spring ephemeral wildflowers. I recommend visiting during dryer days as the proximity to the creek can make this a muddy area. This hike is great for kids due to the fun creek crossings and manageable length. 


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