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Let's Gear Up!


Good gear will completely change your outdoor experience. In Alaska we had a saying: "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear." We want you to feel comfortable, safe, and prepared so you can maximize your outdoor adventures and have fun out there!

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Portage Glacier, Alaska


Guide to Winter Layering

How to stay warm and dry during wintertime adventures

Keeping your skin and clothing layers dry is the key to dressing for winter outdoor recreation. Each layer performs an important role in keeping you comfortable. These layers work together in different combinations that can be adjusted for the specific conditions you encounter and your own level of activity. For example, your mid-layer might include both a fleece zip up and a down vest. If you're snowshoeing up a hill and begin to feel too warm, you can remove the vest and stash it in your pack. If the wind picks up once you're atop the ridge and you begin to feel chilly, you can put that vest on again. 

Base layer Next-to-skin layer that wicks sweat off your skin. Choose silk, wool, or synthetic.

Mid layer   Insulating layer that helps retain your body heat and keeps you warm. Choose wool, synthetic, fleece, or down.

Outer layer  Shell that shelters you from the wind, rain, and snow.


Access the full list of my favorite winter gear!


Disclosure: I only endorse products that I own, love, and think would help you in your outdoor pursuits. If you grab anything mentioned here, I may get a small commission. There is no cost to you. Most links are for REI Co-op as they are my favorite outdoor gear retailer and have supported The Women's Adventure Club by lending us gear and promoting our events. 

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