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Hi, I'm Lindsay.


Welcome to the Women's Adventure Club! I'm so happy you found us. I hope this community of women is exactly what you’ve been looking for. 


Why did I start this Adventure Club? Here’s my story...


Prior to moving to Pittsburgh, our family lived in Anchorage, Alaska. I was immediately taken by Alaska’s epic landscapes and the grandeur of its mountains. But I didn’t know how to be outdoorsy in the winter...and we were about to enter six months of it! 


I was intrigued by the nordic skiers, the alpine skiers, the fat bikers in the snow, the snowshoers and hikers who embraced winter with such enthusiasm. 


Could I learn to do these things? At first my answer was no. I’m not a skier, I don’t have the gear, I don’t know the trail systems, I don't want to encounter a bear, I’m not experienced enough to go out with those Alaskan ladies. This is the story I told myself.


And then I met an Alaskan-born, super adventurous woman.  She taught me how to nordic ski and it became my most beloved way to experience the outdoors. If I was able to learn that, then maybe I could do alllllll the things!

Fast forward seven years and there I was, reveling in all the outdoorsy goodness Alaska has to offer. Time spent in nature became a tonic, the most important contributor to my health and well-being. Those Alaska years taught me how important it is for us to push past our comfort zone, to get outside with a good group of women, and to connect with nature. Adventuring brings such joy, courage, peace, and the feeling of being connected to something bigger than myself. 


Now that I know this, I can’t keep it to myself. I want to share it with other women. I want to cultivate a community that helps women push past their boundaries and emerge stronger and happier, with their own amazing stories to tell.

Alaska Life

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