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Women's Adventure Club Activity Rating System

Level 1


Suitable for most active participants with full mobility and participants new to the activity described. Expect to be active for about 2 hours. There will be time to take rest breaks. Hiking trails are easy with up to 400 feet in elevation gain.

Level 2


Reasonable fitness for the expected activity is needed, but the event is designed for those new to this activity. Expect to be active for 2-3 hours. A bit more active than the easy rating, but with breaks built in. Hiking trails are easy to moderate with up to 800 feet in elevation gain.

Level 3


Fitness level and/or past experience to sustain the activity at a moderate pace is required. Expect to be active up to 3-4 hours. Hiking trails are rated moderate to difficult with elevation gain up to 1200 feet. 

Level 4


Suitable for those with recent similar experience and/or demonstrated proficiency such as being active in sports or regular engagement in vigorous physical activity. Expect to be active up to 5-6 hours. Hiking trails are moderate to difficult with elevation gain up to 2000 feet.

Level 5

Very Strenuous

Most physically demanding. Fitness for the specific activity is required with direct experience in the activity highly recommended and potentially mandatory. Expect to be active for 6+ hours. Breaks will be shorter/fewer than other levels. Hiking trails are rated difficult with elevation gain of more than 2000 feet.

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